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Buy A Teeny Tiny Micro Home For $25K

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For those wanting an affordable housing alternative, these micro homes are available ranging from $25,000 - $28,000. How micro are we talking here? It's a 10' x 10' two level house that includes a living area, kitchen, and bedroom upstairs. The homes are portable and evidently "easy to assemble at home." Um, what? So a person buys a micro home and then assembles at home? Does it come ready to assemble in a micro box? Are there Ikea-like instructions with little mini screwdrivers, too? All micro-jokes aside, there is the obvious question: where is the shower? That might be important. These homes could be a good alternative to some, mainly those who don't like having guests over or don't have excessive amounts of personal belongings like the rest of us. What do our readers think of the micro home concept? · Would you live in a $25,000 Vancouver micro home? [Vancity Buzz]