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Bjarke Ingels' Tower - Here's What People Are Saying

After last week's approval of Bjarke Ingels' Beach and Howe tower, Curbed Vancouver has compiled a healthy dose of insta-reactions from across the world wide web. For the most part, commenters are quite pleased with the tower but like most development projects in Vancouver, it is not without criticism. Check out some of the positive (and not so positive) comments about the tower:

"I went to the BIG lecture last year, he talked about this. It's pretty interesting, the more interesting thing is our city approved! Would be fun to see it eventually." - Lu Xu

"Not bad, but a project this prestigious should really be striving for platinum LEED certification." - Zane Stratton

"More condos to blow this housing bubble up bigger and bigger." - Andrés Barker

"Love it, and especially love the public spaces planned for underneath the bridge." - Nickolas Collinet

"Gimmicky architecture. What we most like about it today we will despise in a few short years." - CLBURKE1

"Oh come on, it's not iconic, it's STUPID. It's totally top heavy, and it has a boring 1950s patterned facade. It looks absolutely terrible." -Le Bloc Canadien

"A great innovative architect, combining with an excellent Vancouver firm. A grand and interesting development in a challenging space. It won't be cheap. Further developing the 'resort' community that the city has become. Residential with a little bit of office in the mix. Maybe some businesses will bite? But, seriously, with the wide difference between residential and business property taxes, what businesses need to be there? Investors and wealthy pied-à-terre seekers will like the proximity to Granville Island and the Sea Wall walkway. Maybe some will even buy a bike." - westernpalms