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Bjarke Ingels' BIG Tower Is Heading To Public Hearing

The proposed Beach & Howe tower (BIG Tower) is heading to a public hearing tomorrow to decide the fate of Bjarke Ingels' uniquely designed project. The developer, Westbank, is hoping to get the major rezoning approved in tomorrow's hearing. The total overall area will be upwards of 700,000 square feet which will include a 52 storey residential tower, nine-storey podium with rental units and commercial space, and additional two six-storey retail and office buildings. There are unique plans to completely reinvent the area under the Granville Street bridge with plenty of public outdoor space. The site will consist of a total of 16 lots. Yowza. While Curbed Vancouver tracks this exciting project, check out the stunning renderings released of the tower and site. · Westbank 52-storey tower at Howe Public hearing Oct 24 [City Hall Watch]