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Here's What People Are Saying About Paragon's Development

After Paragon's open house last night displaying their plans for the proposed Edgewater Casino $535 million mega resort, the public reacted with mixed reviews. Courtesy of CBC, here are some highlights:

"I'm not against the casino, per se — as has been pointed out, we've already got one down there. I am, however, against a huge, monolithic structure that seems to be entirely closed off from (and unrelated to) the area around it being foist upon our community. The design needs a complete rethink." - Guy Saddy

"I hope it totally screws over cyclists." - Foreign Subway

"Urban resort, my a**! It is a casino... which is what it has been all along. Surely Vancouver taxpayers are not that dumb? And guess who will helping them pound this down people's throats? Ya...we already know the answer to that. Who loves casino's the most in B.C.?" - Defeated

Let's assess: Casino's value to local community: Zero. Casino's contribution to knowledge of society: Zero. Casino's contribution to explore human potential: Zero. Casino's ability to prey on people's weaknesses and take their money, with no actual service or product provided in return: 100%" - FavouritePurpose

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