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Check Out This Floating Home Listed For $579,000

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Talk about waterfront living, this floating home located in North Vancouver is on the market for $579,000. The place is just over 1,100 square feet and has 2BR/2BA. Popular in Vancouver, the floating home might be a new concept for some. It sits on a concrete float and has all the amenities that one would expect from a regular, non-floating home, such as an electric fireplace, heated floors, and stainless steel appliances. Not to be left out from the broker babble is the "jetted bubble tub" which sounds pretty glorious. There is also a 168 square foot south facing deck to soak up the sunshine. Potential deal breaker: Seagulls, and lots of them. Though, the bird noise could really be marketed as mother nature's alarm clock. · Slip11 - 415 West Esplanade Road; [Team Taylor Realty]