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Buy This 'Huge' Loft In Mount Pleasant For $414,900

Welcome to Curbed Vancouver's weekly feature, the Under $500K Club. Home ownership in this city isn't cheap but we're on a mission to find cool, interesting listings that don't seem so unattainable for the average person's budget. Got a listing you think is worthy? Send them to the tipline.

This week's feature listing is this 777 square foot loft, which the broker babble describes as "huge", really? Are brokers really defining that as huge these days? Anyways, it's listed at $414,900 and is located in the Mainspace building in Mount Pleasant. The warehouse style loft has 10-foot ceilings and a drool worthy custom handcrafted walnut kitchen. The space itself is all open concept and has lots of wall space for all the obscure paintings one might own if they lived here. This places just oozes the cool factor. Then again, it is Mount Pleasant.
· #219-350 East 2nd Avenue [Vancity(Lofts)]