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Vancouver's Co-Housing Project One Step Closer To Reality

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After receiving approval from the City's urban design panel yesterday, the Cedar Cottage Cohousing project proposed for East 33rd Avenue is one step closer to becoming a reality. Cedar Cottage Cohousing Company is hoping to receive the development permit next and is expecting construction to commence in 2014. North Vancouver, Langley, and Burnaby all have co-housing communities. If developed, Cedar Cottage Cohousing Company would be the first of its kind in Vancouver proper.

So what is co-housing? Co-housing communities are described as 'collaborative housing' which feature a large common house (over 6,000 square feet) shared by all owners. The common house includes a kitchen, dining room, guest bedrooms, and storage. There are also shared woodworking rooms, and children/teen rooms. Each individual suite has all of the amenities a person would expect from a regular purchased home (including a private kitchen, dining area, etc.) but the idea is that living in this type of housing would promote better communication among neighbours, build strong relationships, increase interaction, and develop and sense of support and belonging. With no religious or political affiliations, co-housing could be a great option for families wanting a community vibe in the midst of a large city. For others, the idea of mingling with your neighbours daily probably sounds like a nightmare.
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